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Investing in Real Estate in Austin & the Central Texas Hill Country


Investing in Austin, TX & the Central Texas Hill Country

The Austin & Central Texas Hill Country Areas are prime for Real Estate Investment, whether it is commercial, multifamily, single family, land or other property.  Plus, fixer uppers are in abundance for those who like to take a "hands-on" approach. 

Austin predicted to have the 10th strongest Commercial Real Estate Market in the US over the next 4 years according to a recent Grubb & Ellis report (1/4/2011) 
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"Cap rate is only one small piece of the performance story."  October 2007

Interest rates are still at extremely low & attractive levels.   More and more people are becoming successful Real Estate Investors, both large and small.   By investing in multifamily projects, vacant land to buy & hold, commercial real estate for key investments, or single family property for rental income, savvy investors are diversifying their portfolios away from a strictly stock and bond mix.  Investment Properties are purchased outright or in Joint Venture Projects, Limited Partnerships, TIC's (Tenants in Common) or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) in order to benefit from shared ownership, leveraging existing wealth.  Or, some are purchasing real estate in their 401K accounts.

Real Estate can be an excellent tool for building wealth.

 There is a growing demand in the commercial real estate market according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).   This should, in turn, benefit investors by providing increasing rents and rates of return for these type of properties.  

Office properties, retail properties, and multifamily properties are the most common investments made in this sector.  Some long-term investors are also looking at speculative investment in raw land for future benefit and returns as towns & cities expand outward from their current boundaries. In the Central Texas Hill Country Marketplace around Austin, this has become commonplace as our area continues to grow. 

Diversifying into Real Estate can be a prudent investment in any portfolio.   Property appreciation & passive income can generate wealth and equity over time and can be a hedge over inflation.  

As investors ourselves, the professionals at the Paragon Property Group have the knowledge and expertise to assist buyers in identifying and purchasing investment real estate.   We can also assist you with 1031 exchanges.  Sue Ellett has undertake extensive specialized training in the Commerical Real Estate arena in order to provide our Investment/Commercial clients with better knowledge & tools to provide continued outstanding service. 

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