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Area Profile - Marble Falls, TX

PRESS RELEASE: July 28, 2004
For additional information contact:
Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation
(830) 693-3615


A new book published by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), and written by Jack Shultz, titled Boomtown USA, lists Marble Falls, Texas, as one of the top non-metro growth areas in the United States. The author researched statistical data on 397 communities nationwide that are considered rural in nature and growing outside of metropolitan areas (MSA’s).

Among the top 2.5% of all non-metro areas in the nation, Marble Falls, Decatur, Eagle Pass, Hillsboro and Rockport, Texas, were listed in the Top 100 cities called "Agurbs", non-metro areas with rapid growth. The selection process was based upon statistical data measuring population growth, job creation, per capita income growth and quality of life factors for these non-metro areas.

The book highlights why these "Agurbs" will be the hot growth areas for the future. As technology accelerates with high speed communications systems improving and costs for telecommuting going down, the need for location in metro areas decreases. Rural areas "agurbs" allow for more freedom of movement without traffic congestion and safety concerns. People feel safer in small communities and small communities offer a high quality of life for families. Small communities also offer a workforce with a high work ethic based upon their agricultural background. The author mentions the revolution occurring in air transportation with the introduction of low-cost business jet leasing services that will allow the use of smaller, rural airports for point-to-point direct jet flights at costs that rival larger commercial airport services. The cost savings in time and convenience will revolutionize air travel.

Marble Falls is well positioned to take advantage of these factors. Though not a part of the Austin or San Antonio MSA’s, these metro areas are nearby, and more and more professional services are moving to the area to take advantage of the area’s quality of life while continuing to serve clients in the MSA’s. The area has in place high speed data connections, and two general purpose airports that support corporate jet services. The area continues to grow with new retail and commercial developments occurring such as the new Horseshoe Bay Marriott Resort Hotel opening in October 2004, providing new opportunities and enhanced quality of life for the region.



  Marble Falls, TX 78654 National Average
 Population of Marble Falls 17871 11571
 Median Age 41.2 years 37.41 years
 Median Household Income $38,934 $39,727
 Percentage of Single Households 38.1% 44.72%
 Percentage of Married Households 61.9% 55.27%
 Percentage Families (households with children) 72.5% 69.28%
 Average Household Size 2.51 people 2.57 people
 Percentage College or Better 27.1% 25.99%
 Percentage White Collar 48.3% 47.07%

 Cost of Living
  Marble Falls, TX 78654 National Average
 Cost of Living Index 91.8 102.76
 Average Yearly Utility Cost 3508 3250.50
 Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $44,996 per year $41,554 per year
 Average Household Education Expenditures $772 per year $729 per year
 Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $2,309 per year $2,183 per year
 Average Household Transportation Expenditures $9,535 per year $8,682 per year
 Average Household Retail Expenditures $25,135 per year $24,198 per year
 Average Household Non-RetailExpenditures $17,966 per year $17,353 per year

 Quality of Life
  Marble Falls, TX 78654 National Average
 Average Winter High Temperature 61.0 degrees 41.18 degrees
 Average Winter Low Temperature 33.6 degrees 22.80 degrees
 Average Summer High Temperature 94.6 degrees 86.46 degrees
 Average Summer Low Temperature 73.4 degrees 62.23 degrees
 Average Annual Precipitation 32.5 inches 38.69 inches
 Air Quality Index 65.0 44.69
 Total Crime Index 2.6 3.47
 Personal Crime Index 3.0 3.40
 Culture Index 62.0 93.57