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Thinking of Buying a Ranch in Texas?

Ranches abound in our Texas landscape.  With 268,601 square miles of land area, we can pack a lot in!

Horse facilities, cattle ranching, hunting, farming - we have it all.  In the Texas Hill Country, you often find ranches that combine many aspects of the ranch life.   With our hills, lakes, rivers and prairies, you can have a single propety that encompasses them all.   In our area, there are properties ranging from 5 acres to over 5,000 acres. 

Minerals are still sometimes passed on, but more frequently, the rights to minerals for a property have already been sold and will not convey.   This information will be confirmed during a Title Search of the property, an important step when buying any ranch or home in Texas.   In addition, a survey is needed.   Many properties in Texas are determined through "metes & bounds", a time consuming & complicated process that can take extra time and require a longer escrow period.  

Property Taxes

Many of our ranch properties have taken an "ag exemption" which is essentially a reduction in property taxes through an agricultural appraisal which lowers the taxable value of the land.  In an ag exempt situation, taxes are greatly reduced, making owning larger parcels much more economical.   Another possibility is wildife exemption, which will serve the same purpose.   Each has very specific requirements which must be met in order to be eligible for the property tax reduction.    

Important Fact - If your land has qualified for agricultural appraisal and you change its use to a non-agricultural purpose, you will owe a “rollback” tax for each of the previous five years in which your land received the lower appraisal. 

Remember, each new owner must apply for an exemption in their name.   

Water Rights & Availability

In Texas, many regions don't have good quality water and you may want to find out how deep you will have to drill a well to access good water.  Also, even if there is a community water line near your property, check to be sure that you can tap into it - many older water system cannot handle any more users.  

Mineral Rights

In Texas, mineral rights do not always convey with the property.  Mineral ownership can be severed from the land ownership and sold to another party.   In some areas, these rights may be as valuable or even more valuable than the land itself.    Buyers need to check ownership of both surface and underground minerals.  

Hunting Use

If hunting is one of your primary goals on your land, be sure to inspect it for the time of wildlife that you are looking for.  In a few area of Texas, there is an issue with deer and anthrax.   Also, many properties may have existing hunting leases already negotiated on them.   Check the termination clauses. 

Texas Wildlife Unlimited  - Wildlife Management Services Company

Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept

Guidelines for Qualification of Agricultural Land in Wildlife Management

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