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Find out what your home or other property is worth - get a FREE Comparative Market Analysis Report to give you a good idea of your home or other property's current value, from a top producing team in the top 10% of all Coldwell Banker Teams in North America.  

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Getting your property's value is only the beginning of the Marketing and Selling Process.    In your Search for who should market your home or property for sale, there are several things that you should consider:

1.  Expectations - What do you want from a Realtor®?  For some people communication is very important - some like phone calls, others like to communicate by email or maybe both.    How will your agent communicate with you and how often...?

2.  Experience -  Find out how your agent has performed with other properties in the past - how much business do they really do?   How successful are they?  Believe it or not, it's usually not the listing agent who brings the buyer, but another, Buyer's Agent.   That's ok, but remember, you don't want someone to just list your property, you want it marketed so it will get the exposure to other Buyers and other Real Estate Agents to get it sold!  The Listing Agent represents you, the Seller.  

3.  Sales Price - If you really want to sell your home or property, you don't want an Agent to tell you what you "think" you want to hear, you want the truth.   Overpricing a property won't sell it, but it might actually help sell someone else's!   Who wants to help their neighbor sell their property because yours is overpriced?   Find a REALTOR® who is honest and will tell you the truth.  After all, you are hiring them for their expertise - use it - and price your property correctly, right from the beginning.

4.  Marketing - How will your Agent market your Home or Property?   This is probably the most important part of all, after pricing, of course.  Without marketing, many properties will languish on the market.  Many agents think that by just putting a property in the local MLS system that they have marketed it.   At Paragon Property Group, we believe differently and we do more than just list properties, we actually MARKET them.  

Get the Power of an Award-Winning, Results-Drive Professional Team in the top 10% of all Coldwell Banker Teams in North America, offering world-class servce and marketing second to none.

The Difference is in the Details.......

Your property can be listed in two (2) Multiple Listing Services (Highland Lakes and Austin) for extra exposure, with the Paragon Property Group Team.   In addiiton, we have our own websites (you have found one of them!) which showcases not only the properties we have listed but also the areas in which they are located.  But that is only a small portion of what we do to market your property.  Many buyers start by researching an area and then move on to looking at property.  

Did you know that more than 90% of all Real Estate purchases start with an internet search?   

If your property is not heavily marketed in a variety of internet avenues, you won't get maximum exposure.  The Central Texas area has many buyers who are relocating from other parts of the country or the world - so their searches start on the internet.  

Success Matters.....

At Paragon Property Group, we use a Team Approach to listing, marketing and selling your home or property - that means that you have more than just one person working for you.  We believe our clients deserve the BEST!  We strive for excellence with effective communication, innovative marketing tools and expert negotiation to achieve our common goal ~ to maximize your return when selling your property! 

So get started today!  There is no obligation.      Austin Area Home Valuation               Highland Lakes Area Home Valuation

We look forward to working with you soon! 

Sue Ellett, Broker-Associate
& the Paragon Property Group Team